1. Load 3D model

1. Supported file formats are STL/OBJ/DAE/AMF.

Note: thinkFAB also can recognize planar images, and transfer them  to 3D model files. Supporting the files of JPG/BMP/PNG. 

2. Save as Gcode file

3. If change any slicing setting, please click this “Slice” button to show the real

printing time and filament requirement.

4. Printing time, the length and weight of filament consume.

5. Simulate the printing process under different modes. 5.1 Normal: Default state

5.2 Overhang: Measure the angle of overhang, and judge if it is necessary to

generate the support structure

5.3 X-Ray: X-ray vision

5.4 Layers: Layer by layer to simulate the printing process

6. Rotate the model

7.Change the size of the model

8. Mirror image of the model

9.Other operation

Five options for  choices: 

>  Center on platform

>  Delete object

>  Multiply object

>  Split object into parts  (It will take too much  time, so it is better to do this in modeling software) 

> Delete all  objects