Fix Horrible

Combing everything (Type-A) / (Type-B):  This expert option adds all parts of the model  together. The result is usually that internal 

cavities disappear. Type-A is dependent on the  model. Type-B ignores all internal holes and  only keeps the outside shape per layer. 

Keep open faces: This option keeps all the open  bits of the model intact. Normally thinkFAB tries  to stitch up small holes and remove everything  with big holes but this option keeps bits that are  not properly part of anything and just goes with  whatever it is enable you  to slice models. 

Extensive stitching: Extensive stitching tries to  fix up open holes in the model by closing the hole with touching polygons. This algorithm 

is quite expensive and introduces a lot of  processing time. As with all “Fix horrible”  options, use this at your own risk. 

We supply 3 plugins to you. These 3 plugins  will help to give stronger control feature. You  can set different parameter with different print 

heights to have more accurate model.  Double-click certain plugin name to start using 

it. After starting it, you can set parameter in  below setting interface. 

If you want to cancel this plugin, click “X” on  the right top of parameter setting interface.

Change Filament At Z: You can change the  filament in the printing process at a certain  height of the print. 

Pause at height: You can pause printing at a  certain height of the print, and you can precisely locate the print head position. 

Tweak At Z: You can reset the printing  parameters at a certain height of the print; this is a powerful option for experts.  You can reset printing speed, flow, bed temperature, nozzle temperature and fan speed.