3D printing is a new technology and the machines are not sturdy enough. These machines require regular maintenance  to give a trouble free printing. In  this article , we will be discussing the mechanical maintenance of a 3D printer to make  you get better quality prints.

Here are some of the tips to keep your printer nicely maintained.

1.Keep the Build plate clean


While giving the print we tend to apply glue to the build plate to make the molten plastic stick to it. But in the process some of the plastic and foreign particles remain glued to it.

We can clean it using cloth or by dipping it in warm water. 

2.Lubricate the X & Y axes



These rods are there in continuous motion they demand regular lubrication.

Wipe off residue deposited and lubricate it with oil and manually move it to check for the lubrication .

3.Lubricate the Z axis



The Z axis of a 3D printer is generally a lead screw and it should be lubricated with a solid lubricant or grease to sustain the lubrication over it .

Lubricate the Z axis with grease and move it manually to the extremes to get the uniform lubrication.

4.Clean the Extruder



The filament passes through the rollers for the extrusion in the cold end of the Extruder. In this process some of the plastic particles remain adhered to the rollers.

These rollers can be cleaned using toothbrush which will help the extruder function smoothly and give quality prints.

5.Tighten the Pulley Screws



Due to the continuous motion of the pulleys the screws get loosened up . It results in the misalignment of the system.

It is a good practice to tighten the pulley screws periodically with the allen keys.

Do share your ideas regarding the post or any more ideas regarding the maintenance of the printer.